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  Computer Forms (Malaysia) Berhad
  general computer forms   stock forms
  General Computer Forms are printed computer paper with either logos or names of companies. Therefore they are pre-printed computer forms.

> Invoice
> Bill Of Lading

security forms
Security Forms are forms normally used in bank transactions.

> Bank Cheque
> Gift Voucher Coupon

continous envelope

> Pay Envelope
> Reply Envelope

  Stock forms are plain computer forms that do not have any customised printing on it. There are those with horizontal lines and those without lines. There is also a choice of stock forms that contain carbon paper.

> 3 Line Form
> Plain Form

OMR/OCR forms
These forms are used by examination boards to grade their students. These forms are your normal objective examination question paper which requires you to shade the answer from a selection of 4 answers. The shaded answer on the OMR / OCR is then read by a machine.

  CFM Printing & Stationery Sdn Bhd    

> Exercise book
> Drawing Block
> Paper File & Folder

> Brochure & New Letter
> Flyer
> Paper Based Packing Products (paper box, paper bag and etc)
> Annual Report 

> Art Work & Creative Design
> Personalised Greeting Card
> Digital Printing
> Name Card

  Contipak Noron Sdn Bhd    
> Ice Cream Wrapper
> A4 Paper Wrapper
> Coconut Wrapper & Confectionery Wrapper
> Coffee Sachet
> Detergent Powder
> Butter Wrapper

  CFM Toppan Forms (M) Sdn Bhd    
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